Date for hearing of case against Slaa

By Emmanuel Maganga - Jul 13, 2012

The High Court in Dar es Salaam will mid-next month start hearing a petition filed by Ms Rose Kamili, the estranged wife of the Chadema secretary general, Dr Willibrod Slaa.

Ms Kamili has sought to block Dr Slaa’s intended marriage to Ms Josephine Mushumbusi, and yesterday Justice Lawrence Kaduri ordered him to file by July 30 a written response to a notice objecting the marriage filed by his estranged wife, Ms Kamili, also Chadema’s Special Seats MP.

The judge ordered Ms Kamili, through her lawyer, Mr Joseph Thadayo, to file a rejoinder, if any, by August 7 to allow the court to hear and determine the matter on August 14.

The court’s decision to hear the matter automatically bars Dr Slaa from proceeding with formalising the new relationship until the court decides on the petition.

In the petition she filed recently, Ms Kamili is asking the court to declare unlawful, null and void the new relationship which Dr Slaa intends to formalise on July 21 in Karatu. She is also seeking the court’s declaration that the marriage between Dr Slaa and her (Kamili) still exists and that there cannot be another valid marriage on top of it.
Dr Slaa is blessed with two children with the Karatu MP with whom he started relationship in 1985. According to Ms Kamili, Dr Slaa was a Roman Catholic Priest when they started the relationship.

“He had on his own free will to initiate a procedure within the church to be relieved of the priesthood and obligations of the holy orders to enable him to build and take care of his family, regularise his marriage,” reads part of the petition.

Following the successful procedure, states Ms Kamili, they started living as husband and wife to the extent that even sensitive records and intentionally recognised instruments such as passport bore their names as husband and wife. “All customary procedures for formalising the marriage were conducted and complied with such that families from both parties recognise us as a couple,” she says. Through Trustmark Attorneys, Ms Kamili has already lodged a notice against the intended marriage to the Registrar of Marriages and Karatu Roman Catholic Priest.

The notice has also been copied to the leader of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Polycarp Pengo, the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Mbulu and the Registrar of the High Court.

Ms Kamili also wants the court to order Ms Mushumbusi to pay her Sh500 million as damages for adultery and causing Dr Slaa to desert her and his family. Additionally, she wants Sh50 million in compensation for expenses incurred for maintenance of herself and her family.

The matrimonial case filed by advocate Joseph Thadayo was set to be mentioned today before Justice Lawrence Kaduri.

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